Wwe have our very own pathology service within our own premises. Please note the hours available for this service are mainly during business hours and Saturday morning and a doctors referral is required. Medicare card holders are not charged for this service (however please note health insurance providers usually cover most tests). The services Clinicalabs Pathology can provide cover the following:All routine biochemistry testing; cancer markers; hormones; therapeutic drugs; vitamins; trace elements; urine drug screening, liver and kidney function, cholesterol and lipid screening, diabetes screening, thyroid function, inflammatory markers.

All routine haematology testing such as anaemia tests; coagulation testing; warfarin/INR testing.

Microbiology testing such as sexual transmitted infection (STI/STD) screening eg PCR testing; Serological testing; Parasitology; Mycology – infectious diseases serology testing.

Histopathology/Cytology: Histopathology and cytology on all anatomical specimens; Thin prep; FNA; immunohistochemistry – which includes excisional biopsies or sampling of any human tissues to examine for signs of cancer or any cell change/cytological examination.

All test results are automatically processed and sent back to your GP electronically to be securely stored in your patient file and therefore can be monitored over time.

Please note in order to obtain your results due to legal restrictions it is necessary to visit your doctor to obtain a copy as we are unable to verbally report results over the phone – this must be done in person for legal reasons. Most results can take a few days but some may take a few weeks. Your doctor should inform you of when to return as result turnaround times can vary depending on the complexity of the test and variable laboratory demands.

Will I be charged for my results appointment? Most of the time a GP will not charge for a follow up appointment just to go over a few normal results and give you a copy however keep in mind these follow up appointments are sometimes complete new consultations and depending on the complexity of the problem will be considered another consultation. We advise you to discuss any financial concerns upfront with your GP as we are a private health care service provider committed to providing you with a valuable and efficient service that ensures high patient safety and privacy as well as high quality care.