We will PERMANENTLY Bulk-Bill ALL patients who register with us within the next 3 months. This 3 month period will expire on 31st August, 2017**. ( Please note that we have now extended this offer to 31st December, 2017 due to overwhelming demand. Patients who do not register with us by this date will be Privately  Billed starting 1st January, 2018)

This Bulk Billing will be valid during after-hours & weekends as well. 

Please note that we will charge a no show / cancellation fee of $40 if a booked appointment is not cancelled at least 3 hours in advance. The patients will not be able to claim this from medicare.

Fees for any procedures booked will be additional to the above fees. Please discuss with your Doctor.

For patients who do not hold a Valid Medicare card, the fees will be as under, 

Standard private Consultation fee is $ 75 per consultation

Fees for a long consult is $ 120 per consultation.


** Patient should have a Valid Medicare card.